Wednesday, July 13, 2016

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands--Nana Camp Summer 2016

Today's Nana Camp was probably
my favorite of all time.
And, yes, I might say that a lot,
but this time it is really true.  

I came up with the theme
several months ago
when I found these cute little
globe balls at Dollar Tree.

We had two wonderful books to read.
We also listened to Louis Armstrong's
rendition of the song.
Kelly had this book that she kindly volunteered
for use.  We sang the song several
times and all during the day,
I would hear one or more of the
kids singing, "He's Got the Whole
World In His Hands."
We talked about how God
loves us all regardless of
our skin color, our jobs, our
Using ziplock bags, we filled bags with
goodies, like a water bottle, small kleenex,
hand-wipes, granola bars, cheese
crackers, and cookies.

I got this idea from the wonderful
Children's Ministers at our church who did
this earlier in the summer at our
Family Bible Sessions.
We then headed out to see if
we could find a homeless person.
Photograph by Caleb.
I had a pretty good idea
that there would be someone
sitting close to our neighborhood
Wal-Mart because I see
someone there often.

Sure enough there was a gentleman there
when we arrived.  We all piled out of the car
and Caleb did the honor of taking the bag
to him.  We introduced ourselves to
him and he told us his name.
He proudly told us
that he was a VietNam Veteran.
He was very sweet to the kids
and told them that he was very
thankful for their gift.

We told him goodbye, and as
we left, sweet Aaron called out,
"I hope you find a home."
Then the kids spied a lady across the street
on the corner with a sign.
We headed that way and she was also
most grateful.  All the kids
shook her hand.  
Before leaving home, Caleb suggested
that they might want to write a note to
put in their bags.
The notes above are from Caleb
and David.

The bags that were not handed out
today were taken home to hand out
at another time.
David already had in mind the
person he wanted to give his bag to.
He said they often see him in
the same place when they go
bike riding.

I must admit, I struggle when I
see someone with a sign trying to
decide whether I should give them
money or not.

This was a good lesson for Nana as well.
It was more of a blessing to us
than to the people we helped.
It takes so little.
And although, I will not disclose the
two people's names for privacy reasons,
the greatest blessing was realizing that
they were not "homeless people".
They were ________ & _________.
They have names and are
loved by God
just like us.

Both of these people told
us "God Bless You" as we walked away.
And we were blessed!  


Lynn Leaming said...

I agree this had to be your best Nana Camp day! What precious memories and life lessons with those sweet grands :-)

Allison said...

We have done this. I bought little bibles from LifeWay to put in the bags too. :-) I always carry $5 McDonalds gift cards, and usually let Brenna decide who we should give them to.

Miss G said...

Thank you again for all of your Nana camps. This is still making an impact! love you, Kelly