Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cupcake Nana Cousin Camp--Summer 2016

Nana Cousin Camp this week
had a cupcake theme.
For dinner we ate
 delicious Marco's Pizza
(David told his mama that Nana always
cooks the best food for Nana Camp--Do
I have him fooled or what?)
Then the cupcake decorating
started in earnest.

Caleb's creation
The eyeball decorations were
a huge hit.

Cora was VERY focused on
her decorating and went
heavy on the sprinkles

Aaron was the first to eat
his decorated cupcake.

Let's show off our handiwork.

Speaking of handiwork, I tried to make
egg free cupcakes since Cora
has egg allergies.
This is how they turned out.
High altitude baking is NOT my friend.
So, I next resorted
to a good old-fashioned
cake mix and Cora's mama said
a little egg wouldn't hurt her.

As you can tell,
Nana didn't just fall off the turnip
truck.  When using sprinkles
and lots of frosting,
you do the decorating outside on
the deck.

You might remember Anna Kate
from previous year's Cousin Camps.
Her family lived right next door until
last summer when they moved
to Denver.
They are back in Colorado Springs,
although unfortunately
not right next door,
so Anna Kate joined us.
We love that girl--
and the whole family.




As you can tell from David's
smile, cupcake decorating
was a big hit!


Miss G said...

Yay! And smart nana going outside! I love our weather! Kelly

Aunt Terry said...

Oh to be a little bird listening and watching. Such fun!