Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nana Cousin Camp 2015--Planting a Rainbow Edition

Our theme this week was Planting a Rainbow.

The books we used were


 In the interest of being real,
this experiment was somewhat of 
a Pinterest FAIL!

One of our snacks was
rainbow jello suggested by Caleb.
This was one of the successes
of the evening.

For the project explained below,
we needed several colors of
live flowers.  The first
FAIL issue probably started
when thrifty Nana decided
that "day old" flowers found at
the back of the store would work
just fine.  WRONG!
The idea was to put a sheet of
clear contact paper on a window,
sticky side out.  We had one for
each grandchild.  They were to take
the flowers (which by this time were
falling apart at a rapid rate)
and attach them to the sticky
side to make a BEAUTIFUL
rainbow garden.
You will see what it REALLY
looked like later in this post.

Pasta boiled in food coloring
(which the children
politely turned down after
taking a few bites)

It looks pretty, but.......

Fruit cabobs (Kelly's suggestion)
which actually were a great success.
No sword fights happened
during camp because I
was on hand as soon
as the fruit was devoured
to throw the swords, I
mean skewers, away.

The look of "Hmmmm"
on David's face summed up
the meal.

Good try Nana.

Cora doesn't have
quite the discriminating taste
as the boys so
she actually liked
most of the rainbow colored

Does this face say it all?

They did actually enjoy the
craft activity a lot.
Just not the way it was intended.
Note all the flower petals on the
window sill.

Interesting is a good word for it.

Most of the flower petals
ended up on the floor.
Thank goodness Ducca
was being proactive or
most of the petals would have gone
down the AC vents which in Colorado
are on the floor (yes, right underneath
the window where the contact
paper was placed.)

Caleb said, "I think I'll just
draw a rainbow."
Smart young man.
The highlight of the
evening came when Cora
learned the fine art of
And, oh, yes, highlight #2
was the wonderful rainbow
Sour Heads that David 
had suggested for the party.

Every activity that you do with
your grandchildren does not have
to be a WIN! because even
when you have a FAIL, it is fun
being together.

Ducca and I still heard the following
as they were going out the door
with their parents.

When is the next
Nana Cousin Camp?

And now they are also
asking, "What is the theme?"
because they like to make

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