Friday, July 31, 2015

Nana Cousin Camp 2015 KNIGHT Edition

Our most recent Nana Cousin Camp
had a KNIGHT theme.
Using the water bottles I had 
on hand, I printed
the labels from HERE.
Since they weren't really Soda
or Cola, we added
Crystal Light On the Go
Drink Packets but
they were really MAGIC
powders in case you wanted to know.

We had an object lesson about
the Armor of God.  You can find it
It would have been even
more impressive if the peeled
orange had sunk to the
bottom like it was supposed to.
I don't think any of the kids
realized that Nana kept
manually pushing it down.   

They then made Knights out of
food.  These pictures pretty
much capture each grandchild's
Find Knight Food
Directions HERE.  

They each made their own shield.

And of course the highlight
of the day was the jousting.
Feel free to skip some of these
video clips.  I am posting
them for posterity (or to
embarrass them when they
are older.)

As always, we had a fun
Nana Cousin Camp!

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