Thursday, July 2, 2015

Nana Cousin Camp 2015--Archeology Edition

I have to thank my friend,
Lynn Leaming, for this great
Nana Cousin Camp Idea.

The idea was to freeze layers
of water with artifacts
inside and then let the kids
discover the items by 
being archeologists.  

Click HERE to see
website with the idea.
Here is Aaron working away.
The green tub is the archeological dig.
The basket is where you collect your artifacts.
The cup contains warm water for
softening the ice along with a
paint brush for careful removal of
the artifacts.  
Working away but stopping
for a photo shoot.
Cute archeologists.
The little archeologists were hard at work.
The boys (surprise, surprise) soon
discovered that it took less patience
to throw the blocks of ice down on
the sidewalk and break them up
to find the artifacts.
Cora, however, was extremely patient
and used her paintbrush to unearth
the artifacts.

The quick method yielded
quick artifact results.
So many great finds.

We also learned that Bible archeologists
work to scientifically prove the
authenticity of Bible Stories.
Interestingly enough,
scientists believe that they
have possibly found the tombs
of the Bible characters
Caleb (one of the spies of the
Promised Land), Aaron
(Moses brother), and King
David.  Caleb, Aaron,
and David thought that this
was especially interesting.

Unfortunately, there
were no Cora Bible stories.
Our snack was Sand with
buried artifacts.
To make the sand,
finely grind up Golden
Oreos and bury "artifacts".
I used Jelly Beans (jewels), but
the web site I used suggested
Fun Sized Mounds (mummy),
Rolos (canopic jars)
and gummy worms (snakes).

We had a GREAT time
being archeologists.
You can see Ducca
in the background.
Thank you Mrs. Lynn for the
wonderful idea.  

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Miss G said...

REally neat! I wish I could have seen Cora working on hers! Kelly