Thursday, November 20, 2014

NYC Sibling Trip #6--New York Public Library Children's Room

On our last morning in NYC,
David and I took the subway
to the New York Public Library's
Children's Room.
I was captivated by the  displays and 
murals on the walls
that showed so many of the
places we had visited.

I hope you enjoy!

Welcome to the Children's Room!
The original Winnie the Pooh!

The Hundred Acre Wood

Christopher Robin

Oh, how Winnie the Pooh loves his honey.

Times Square and the Theater District

What a special Green Space Central Park is!!

Books, Books, and More Books
I was in Children's Lit heaven

We enjoyed a young man singing Beatles songs
in Strawberry Fields in Central Park, built
by Yoko Ono to remember John Lennon

I loved seeing newer books like
Scaredy Squirrel along side the classics.

We spent some time at the Guggenheim Museum

Thanks for sharing some memories with me on my
posts of our NYC Sibling Trip!

How blessed I am to be able to share
such special times with my family.