Friday, November 7, 2014

NYC Sibling Trip #3--Statue of Liberty

We were not wimps on this trip.
We traveled the subways like all good
New Yorkers.  Well, except when we got
lost and had to be rescued by cabbies.
(But that's another story and it only
happened to two of us--the two
whose last names are Gibson)
The boat ride to and from the
Statue of Liberty offered spectacular views.
If you've never been up close and personal
with Lady Liberty, you owe it to yourself
to see her.
Terry and Gail
Kim and Randy
Just a wee bit of commercialism,
but it was still inspiring.
More views of NYC

Lady Liberty's original torch
in the Statue of Liberty Museum
Lynn and Terry 

Even being close to the statue, you
don't appreciate the size until
you see life-sized replicas in the museum.
A life-size mask of the Statue's face
...and her foot. 
A very large ear
My travel partner 
Isn't the sky spectacular?
Except for the first day of our visit,
we had amazing weather.
Lots of students touring
By the time we had toured the Statue of Liberty,
we were so tired that I don't think we
got the total impact of the
Ellis Island Immigration Museum.
It would be nice to visit there again
and spend more time.
How amazing to think of all the people
who chose America as "the home of the
free and the land of the brave" and passed
through these halls.
Thank you Lady Liberty for what you have meant
to so many.  May our nation always be a beacon
of hope because we are "one nation under God."

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

Definitely go back to Ellis Island--it's such an amazing story when you have the time to soak it in. Love all your photos!!