Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NYC Sibling Trip #5--Random Ramblings

The following are just some random
pictures from our NYC Sibling Trip.

In front of the fun Ferris Wheel in the world's
largest Toys R Us.  Terry and Gail and David and I
agreed that if we had had our grandchildren
with us, we would have never been able to leave
this store (at least with our pocketbooks intact.)
A blurry picture of Van Gogh's Starry Night
Loved this picture of Randy taking a photo
on the Top of the Rock.
I was hugging the inside wall because
heights are just not my thing.
I absolutely loved the Broadway play
Of course I did.  It was set in a school
and was based on the children's book
by Roald Dahl.
We ate very, very well.
This was a picture of our last breakfast
together in NYC.
Even grown-ups like to play.
Largest peeps and largest peep collection
I have ever seen.
No, we didn't stay here, but we stayed
at a very nice hotel thanks to Adrian's prowess
at finding good deals.
The United Nations as seen from our tour bus.
LOVE--Randy and Kim
LOVE--David and Karen
LOVE--Lynn and Terry


Don't know where my love picture of Terry and Gail
went, but I love them too.
Dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History
near Central Park
(no I'm not saying David is a dinosaur)

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