Sunday, February 5, 2012

Health Upddate February 5, 2012

Many of you read my post about the
when I completed my Radiation

I had my own personal ringing of the
bell this week for what I believe is
a milestone. I am not advertising
this blogpost on FaceBook as I
often do because there might be
more information that some of you
want to know, but if you are interested,
please read on.

On February 1st, I had my first
3 month check-up with my oncologist.
All blood counts and the examination
showed that I am doing very well.

Then on, February 2nd, my plastic
surgeon did surgery. He replaced
the temporary, expander implants
with permanent implants.
He also removed my chemotherapy
port. What a special way to
"end" this part of my journey.

Thank you God!
Thank you friends and family for all your
support and prayers.

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Lynn Leaming said...

Thank you Lord for another victory in this battle that Karen is fighting. We thank you for the removal of her ports and her permanent implants. We continue to ask for You to keep her body cancer free. Thank you Father God.