Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn in Colorado--2011

We took a drive last week up to
Cripple Creek to enjoy the
beauty of autumn in Colorado.
This cute wagon and all the beautiful trees
were in someone's front yard.
See the satellite dish on the left.
Views from a distance.

We ended taking Country Road 8 from almost
Divide to Colorado Springs.
It turns into Gold Camp Road.
The up-close views were amazing.

Check out that beautiful lake.
I love seeing these old abandoned cabins
and wondering who lived there.

Up close view of the leaves.

I wish you could have heard the quaking of the Aspens!

A closer view of the lake.

Isn't God's beauty breathtaking?


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Such beautiful fall colors--must be one of the great reasons you are happy there. Did I hear it had snowed once?

Lynn Leaming said...

Love it when others share pictures so I can enjoy God's beauty! Glad you felt like taking such a gorgeous drive. I will have to write down that Country Road number for reference in the future.

Anonymous said...

I loved the pics of the aspens. I had no idea that the color was so beautiful. What do you mean by the quaking of the aspens?
Emily in Coppell

Anonymous said...

I love the pics of the aspens!!!! When you mentioned quaking of the aspens, I wondered about this. I looked it up and found it refers to the trembling or quaking of the leaves. The type of tree is also called Quaking Aspen. We need more pictures of the trees since I will probably never get to visit at the time of the best color!!!!
Emily in Coppell

Allison said...

I realized as I finished this post that my jaw had quite literally dropped. Such gorgeous views and beautiful pictures!

Miss G said...

beautiful! That first picture is really fun. love you, Kelly

Amy said...

SO gorgeous! Thanks for taking us along with you! Blessings!