Friday, September 16, 2011

Little Boys are Falling Down

I thought of the old Nursery Rhyme
"London Bridge is Falling Down"
with our two little guys recently.


Little David was happily eating a plum
at the little folding card table.

Oops! I must have turned the wrong way!
Ducca to the rescue!
Why does Nana always have a camera
handy when I do something like this?

I think I'll just relax and read a book.
This is really a good one.
Can you see that I'm a reader?
What happened?
This chair just dropped me.
Don't worry everybody,
I'm OK.
Big David has a motto
that is famous around here.
"No grandchild gets hurt on Ducca's watch!"
Looks like we are safe for another
little while.


Allison said...

Jordan and I both shared a giggle over this post! I really like Ducca's creed, and I believe we'll be adopting a similar one for our home.

Miss G said...

These photo series are great! Funny boys and wonderful grandparents! Kelly

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Those little guys are getting cuter every day--I can tell they are the joy of your life!