Thursday, September 1, 2011

Animals! Animals Everywhere!

If you don't like cute kids, and lots of animals,
you might as well stop reading this
post right now. As part of our family reunion,
we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
Thanks to Uncle Randy, this post has lots
of pictures of the animals in the zoo
and quite a few of the family animals.
Disclaimer: Some family members
must have been hiding this day, because several
people are missing from the pictures.
Kangaroo in the background
Stacie and Kelly in the foreground
Caleb, Nathan, and Andrew on the train
Mongoose (I think)
Very Pretty Bird
I have no idea what it is
See Caleb's head?
Can you believe how close he is to these
two bears?
Luckily, there is a pane of glass between them.
One of the things I love about this zoo, is how
close up you can see the animals.
The giraffes seem to be one of the favorite
animals at this zoo. The kids and grownups love
to feed them.

There is a really neat carousel at the zoo.
Aaron is not quite sure about it.
The giraffes liked Sweetie and she liked the giraffes.
Can you see the deer in the background?
This was not a zoo animal.
He just wandered in and made himself at home.
It is amazing how big these animals are.
Andrew on a pony.
The real wild animals
Chipmunks run around the zoo.
So cute!
Uncle Mike and Nathan like the carousel
Kelly and David do too.
This is one of Caleb's favorite
parts of the zoo.
When he was smaller he called
it the "Merry Ride".
I am restraining myself
from mentioning my brother Terry.
Great Restraint, I must say!

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Kori said...

Love all of the animals. I thought the Mongoose was not a Mongoose, but I was wrong. It is a meerkat (think Timon in Lion King) which is a member of the Mongoose family.:-) The pretty bird is some variety of crested crane. I know that from my summer in Uganda.:-) Thanks for sharing the pictures!