Friday, August 12, 2011

"Toad" ally Cool Mail

When I went to pick up my mail today...
look who had hopped right into the mailbox.
No envelope, no box, just
Mr. Freddy Frog!
He had his own USPS Tracking Number.
My address and the sender's return
address were on his little back.
And even though he could not talk
aloud, he had messages for me.
Of course you can play with my
grandchildren, Freddy.
I'm glad you wanted to because you
probably didn't have a choice.
Is this clever or what?!!

The friend who sent this is one of the
most creative people I know.

If you'd like to guess who it is,
please put first names only
in the comments section.

If you guess the correct person,
that's great! If you guess,
the incorrect person, they will
be glad that you think they
are creative enough to come up
with this idea!


Anonymous said...


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Lea K,???

Lynn Leaming said...

Jeanete :-)

Allison said...

How cool!! I guess Gail.

Miss G said...



And Jeanette all crossed my mind

Soo cool! Kelly