Saturday, August 20, 2011

Girl's Week

David went to visit his parents last week
so he asked my mom (Sweetie) and sister (Kim) if they
would like to come and visit me, since he didn't want
to leave me "home alone" while I am undergoing chemo.
I had a whole list of things we were going to
do together, but it turned out to be a low
energy week, so we mostly just hung out and
enjoyed visiting with the kids and grandchildren.

However, one of the things that Sweetie really
wanted to do was to buy me another wig.
I purchased my first wig at a place that specializes
in helping women who have lost their hair due
to chemotherapy, but I had also heard
that Merle Norman had good wigs, so one afternoon
when I was feeling strong enough, we headed there.
Of course, when three women go into a wig
store, just one cannot have all the fun.
Isn't Kim cute in this little short modern do?
A blond bob for me.
An auburn bob for Sweetie.
Kim with long hair (a side view).
Front view.
Me with a sultry look.
Kim with a blond bob.
I promise, she looked good with every
wig she tried on.

Now, I know you are wondering what, if anything,
we purchased. Well............
you'll just have to keep wondering.
Official pictures later.....the wigs are in the mail!


Gereta said...

Glad you enjoyed your week together! Hope you get your energy back soon. Praying for you often.
Love you,

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Don't keep us hanging!! The pictures were so much fun--hope you feel stronger this week ahead!

Miss G said...

so fun!! Kelly

Allison said...

Gorgeous! All of you! I can't wait to see what you chose.

Love you!