Saturday, January 1, 2011

Smarter Than the Average Bear

Caleb and I went to see Yogi Bear together.
The movie was really good!
All afternoon after the movie, he got to be
Yogi and I got to be BooBoo.
I really wanted to be Yogi, but Caleb is a first born.
Oh, yeah, I'm a first-born too.
But first born grandchildren are even bossier than
first born Nanas.

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Jenni said...

On Christmas, my sister looked around the table at me, my parents, Phillip's parents, my granddaddy and her children. She noted that there were only two first-borns at the table -- me and Emily! And yes, E does show the signs of being strong-willed, stubborn and bossy! They tease that she takes after me. ;-)