Thursday, January 6, 2011

Philosophy from a 3 Year Old

When I picked up Caleb from school today,
he was excited to tell me that his memory verse
for the week was, "I will follow you always."
When I asked him who he would follow, he said "Jesus."
What a precious thing to learn at such an early age.
Later he surprised me by adding,
"Nana, it's hard to follow Jesus because we can't
see where he is going."
Out of the mouth of babes comes deep philosophical truths.
Yes, Caleb, it is often hard to follow Jesus
because we can't see where he's taking us.
That's called FAITH, my precious little one.
You will spend your whole life learning to trust
that Jesus will never lead you wrong, because he
loves you and wants the very best for your life.
It's a little hard to find a picture of Caleb
these days because he is at the age
that he's not overly fond of being photographed
and because he has a 9 month old brother
and cousin who are getting LOTS
of pictures taken.


A Tale of Two Cities said...

What a precious, wise boy you have there. Maybe he could be Jordan's Prince some day.....


Miss G said...

Oh this is wonderful! love you! Kel

AnnMa said...

This is the best! What a precious, sensitive boy we love! I am so grateful you answered him the way you did. Love you, Nana. -AnnMa-