Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fun Times in the Big D

I am in Dallas this week visiting my grandson, David,
along with his mom and dad.
He is such a fun little guy.
We have read, laughed endlessly, and played lots of
games. He is crawling all over the place
and Nana is working hard to keep up with him.
He's even being a good sport about
going places with Nana and his Mama.
And just check out that red hair.
Fun times!!!
Photos by Kelly


Jenni said...

Enjoy your visit Nana!

Amy said...

Loved looking at your blog and reading about you all! Shawna and Bill LOVE having you as friends and as mentor's at church. Blessings! Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

I found an old e-mail I had saved linking me to your blog.What a treat. You look great and oh my, all those grand babies are precious Angels! Life is good! Take care and many blessings to you!L.Horodyski :)