Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dollar Tree Find

I don't know about you, but I LOVE Dollar Tree.
I can find the greatest things there.
Recently I was traveling to do 4 different presentations
in one week. I had to have a way to keep all of the
books and supplies for each presentation separated in my suitcase.
I thought I would use those BIG Ziplock bags, but before
I could purchase them I happened to be in my local
Dollar Tree. Low and behold (is that a southern expression or what?)
they had some zipper bags that looked like they would be just right.
Wala!! All the supplies for Presentation #1 nicely stored away.
You can't tell in the photo, but they even have a handle for carrying.
Here's what the bags look like.
They come in a couple of sizes, are a great weight, and
best of all the entire box of 2 or 3 (depending on the size) are only



A Tale of Two Cities said...

Are you sure you're going to have room for any clothes with all the things you are bringing for your presentations?

See you soon,

Miss G said...

so cool! dollar tree comes through again! Kelly