Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweetie and Poppy Visit The Springs

My mom and dad, better known as Sweetie and Poppy, their grandparent names, have been visiting with us in Colorado Springs this week. Today was their final day before going back home to Houston and we did two very special things. The morning found us at the Garden of the Gods, one of my favorite spots in this city. The scenery is beautiful and the blue sky against the red rocks is just breathtaking. In addition, God provided us with two really neat sights that unfortunately we did not capture in photos. The first was a precious little chipmunk scurrying around and the second was one of the most beautiful blue jays we have ever seen.

Thank goodness Balancing Rock didn't fall today.

In the afternoon, we found ourselves at North Middle School where Sweetie and Poppy got to visit their firstborn grandson's library.
Two very special highlights on the last day of their visit.


Debi said...

I bet your parents were thrilled to be with you, and I know you loved having the company. I'm really sad not to be in Houston this weekend for Ryan's birthday, but it was his party or Jordan's party. Couldn't be in town for both, so we'll celebrate with Ryan next weekend when we return. He's thrilled his buddy is coming!

Jonathan said...

I'm ready for our chance to visit "The Springs"!! Tell Jeremy to be looking for a good ski spot. See Ya at Thanksgiving!