Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crazy Colorado Weather

When my family was trying to convince me to move from warm Texas to cold Colorado, they kept telling me that the cold wasn't the same in Colorado. They said there could be snow on the ground and if the sun was shining, you wouldn't feel cold. I didn't really believe them because I am such a cold natured person, but today I became a believer.
Today is Halloween and earlier in the week the temperature was in the teens and it snowed for two entire days. But when the sun came out, we were back in shirt sleeves with the windows open to let in the nice breeze. Most of the snow had melted, but in some spots where it was shady or where the snow plow had piled up the snow, there was still plenty of the white stuff for little boys to play with.
Who can resist un-trampled on snow?
And when your grandpa carves out a snow tunnel, it is the greatest.
This little snow bunny loves his "mummy".

Did I say that little boys enjoy the snow? I meant little and big boys.
Caleb loves eating the snow and was trying to convince me to try some.
Poor little elephant got buried in the snow. No telling what we will find outside when all the snow melts.


Deborah said...

Oh my goodness, Caleb looks just like his daddy!!

I could go for some snow right now...

Debi said...

Melting breaks from the snow always make the new fresh snow more fun. You know it's coming..... How was the trick or treating?