Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Adventure Begins

This picture might not be impressive to anyone but a Houstonian,
but we have had so little rain this summer that it was exciting
to be driving away from Houston in a rain shower.
We made a stop at Buckey's outside of Huntsville.
No, I'm not to the Colorado wilderness with bears.
These fellows were in front of Buckey's.
Wonderful west Texas!
Fields and fields of what we think was corn, but these city slickers were not sure.
I have to keep reminding myself that it is an hour earlier
than where most of my family and friends are.
After being in Texas for hours upon hours, we spent a very short time in our
son in law's home state of New Mexico.
A nice sign to see at the end of a long drive.
The best part of the trip!!!!!


Debi said...

I think doing a road trip on the way to your new home was a great idea. Helps you put into perspective the two chapters of your life. I loved the travel photos.

Miss G said...

Yea for road trips and corn and New Mexico and Colorado. And so fun that we stopped at that same rest stop with the Watch for Rattlesnakes sign. love you! Kel