Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NYC Sibling Trip #1

Hold on to your hats folks.
We took lots, and lots, and lots of pictures
while visiting NYC with my brothers,
sister, and their mates.  I will be posting pictures soon,
but this post doesn't have any pictures because
I haven't rested up enough yet to pick photos to post.
Instead we all got together on the last night
of our trip and brainstormed an ABC list
of the adventure.  As you might imagine, the teacher sibling
instigated this, but good sports that they all are,
they played along.  See how many of these NYC
ABC's you have experienced.

A=Big Apple & the A Train
C=Crack Pie (yes that was the name of it, but not the ingredient),      Chinese Food, & Central Park
D=Deli's & Dakota House
E=Empire State Building, Ellis Island, & Eataly
F=Flatiron Building & Facebook Posts
G=Gail (our fearless leader) & the Guggenheim Museum
H=Harlem & the Hop-on/Hop-Off Bus
I=Ice Skating Rink & Rockefeller Center
J=Jersey Boys
K=Knickerbockers & Kiosks
L=Lady Liberty
M=Matisse, Matilda, Manhattan, Metro, Madison Square Garden & MOMA
N=Naked Cowboy (not really naked)
O=Opera & Inverted Obelisk
Q=Queen Elisabeth and the Royal Family (at Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum) & Queens
S=Subway & Shoreham Hotel
T=Top of the Rock, Trinity Church & Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum
U=Unbelievable Family Time
V=Love statue
W=Waldorf & World Trade Center Memorial, 
X=X's at Ellis Island & X's on the Guggenheim
Y=Yellow Cab & Yoko Ono's Apartment
Z=Central Park Zoo

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