Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Colorado Sibling Trip August 2014

I am blessed to have siblings (and their mates)
that David and I love hanging out with.
We just had a visit here in Colorado Springs.
The only sibling missing was Aunt Terry
who is finishing up her schooling
to be a hospital chaplain.  We are excited
for her graduation both because we are
proud of what she has accomplished,
but also because she'll get to join us on
trips more often.  

We discovered that we are not very good at SELFIES.

Spent a morning at the Chihuly Exhibit
at the Denver Botanical Garden.

Great Aunts and Uncles got to spend
time with their Great Nieces and Nephews.

Went to the "world" famous Freddy's
Hamburger Restaurant.  This is a CS
tradition.  Somehow this is the only
picture I got of Uncle Lynn.

Spent some time hiking.

Visited beautiful Helen Hunt Falls.
And contrary to popular opinion,
the actress Helen Hunt did not Fall
during our trip there.

David and I brought out the
Family reunion T-shirts from last
summer.  Thank you Aunt Jenny
and Uncle Jon for these.

There was lots of picture taking.

We only had one rainy day that needed to
be spent indoors, so we visited
Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs.
Another picture of the Chihuly exhibit.

Loved spending time with loved ones in the
beautiful outdoors.
Even visited a highly rated bookstore
in Denver for Jenny since she
couldn't visit it herself.

Can't wait for our next adventure.
NYC--here we come!


Miss G said...

I love your selfie pic and all of those denver botanical garden pics! loved seeing everyone!! Kelly

Miss G said...

p.s. tattered cover?