Friday, August 15, 2014

Caleb Goes to Houston

Every time I make a trip to
Houston, Caleb asks to go along.
This summer he got his wish.
Checking in at DIA.
Watching for our airplane to arrive.
Exploring the airport with Ducca.
He was a super traveller and so much
fun to have on the trip.
The main reason for the trip
was to meet Caleb's newest 2nd cousins,
Nick and Alex.
He had lots of fun with his
VanLoenen 2nd cousins.
And hanging out with almost grown up
2nd cousins was fun too.  
Reading a book about Hurricane Katrina
on Nana's iPad before bedtime.
He got to borrow some
of Matthew's cool blocks.
All dressed up--what a big boy!
He took Sweetie and me on a date!
We had a ball!
He specifically packed
his dress coat for this date.
He got to see Jordan, one of his
friends from when he lived in
Not pictured is Sophie,
who he also had a chance to
have a play date with.
He loves it that he is almost as tall
as his Great Aunt Gail.
Uncle Terry being crazy.
On our way back home
with a good book.

Caleb was a great addition
to our trip.  Cannot wait to share
more traveling adventures with our

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