Monday, June 23, 2014

Nana Summer Day Camp #3--Trip to the New 21st Century Library and Beyond

Our neighborhood library
closed 3 weeks ago
and reopened in a new location
that had taken 2 years to build.
It is billed as a 21st Century
Library and is very cool!
Today I took the grandchildren.
It was my 3rd day to be at the
library since it opened 3 days ago.  
The children's area had a dress-up
center which was right up Aaron's alley.

David loved the train center.

Both little guys enjoyed the animal center.
Caleb enjoyed this magnetic counting maze.
There is a wonderful reading area where there is a BEAUTIFUL
 view of the mountains.

Not pictured:
The exciting ride in the elevator
The ice cream treats in the Her Story Cafe.
The actual checking out of books.

When we got home, they enjoyed
one of their favorite activities--drawing.

At the end of the day, we joined
their parents (and Cora) for
some ice cream at a CS
Downtown Ice cream parlor,
Josh and John's.

Aunt Mandy and Cora enjoying
some snuggling and giggling time.

Can't think of anyplace I'd rather be than
hanging out with our sweet family.  

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Miss G said...

Thank you so very much for doing these! So, so very fun for kids and parents a like! love you, Kelly