Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day 2014!

It seems to me as if on Mother's Day,
Sunday sermons extoll mothers
and all their good qualities.
On Father's Day, we hear preachers 
telling fathers how 
they can improve
 their fathering.

In my experience, 
I have known many
who love their children
as passionately
as those of us who are mothers.

Let me introduce you to just 
a few that I am most familiar
Robert Leon Gibson
David's dad
Bill Aven
my Daddy

David Gibson
AKA as Ducca

Lynn Aven
my brother

Fili Hinojosa
our nephew-in-law
and the newest father in the family

Randy Taylor
my brother-in-law

another of Ducca
with his sweet Cora

Adrian Rollett
our son-in-law
Jeremy Gibson
our son

another of Adrian

Terry Aven
my brother

Michael Van Loenen
our nephew-in-law

Another of Jeremy

Not pictured but equally
good fathers in our family:
Chris Bailey, Vann Evans,
Andrew Evans, &
John David Burke.

I am so blessed to
have these Godly
men in my life.

Happy Father's Day!  

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