Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chalk Painting Part 2

I promise I won't show
you every project that I work on
but this is the first set of projects that I
completed on my own so
I thought I'd show them off.
This was the rocking chair that
my mom rocked me in when I was
born, so it is 62 years old.
It has had many, many coats
of paint through the years and I wanted
to give it a Shabby Chic look.
I painted 2 coats of red chalk paint over the blue
without doing any prep.
That's the part I like the most--NO PREP.
It was pretty solidly red so I took my
sandpaper block to it and started
distressing it.  If you look very
carefully, you can see some of
the green paint that was on the chair
even before the blue paint.
I think it might have been green
in my dorm room with a coat of
purple under that when I
had a purple room as a
The more you sand, the more
old paint you see.
My other piece was this
whatnot shelf that I have
had for many years.
I remember it hanging in my
room when I was a teenager.
It was white when I started.
I painted 2 coats of red, then a coat of
turquoise.  (These aren't the exact
Annie Sloan names, but I am too
tired to go and look at the paint
I sanded to get the amount of red I wanted
to show through and then
waxed the whole thing.
It looks beautiful hanging on my
wall with little treasures in the nooks
and crannys.

This isn't the look for everyone,
but for those of us who enjoy OLD
things, this is a very enjoyable hobby.
It's the ultimate
in recycling--turning something
old into something "new."

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