Sunday, November 3, 2013

Washington D.C. Sibling Trip

We took our first, but not last,
Sibling Vacation to Washington, D.C. 
last week.
Thought I'd share a few of the highlights,
although there is no way
I can include all the laughter,
smiles,  delicious food, and good times
that we had being all together.
This was the escalator from the subway
to our hotel.  It was probably 5 stories
high and was really pretty amazing.
I must admit that we also found an
elevator that we took a few times.

On our first full day, we explored the monuments on the Mall.
It was a beautiful, but cool day.
Isn't that sky just breathtaking?

Loved the Smiothsonian museums.

Had to take this mummy picture
for Caleb who is fascinated with
Egypt right now.

The White House at night is beautiful.
It always amazes me that tourists
can get so close to our
President's home.

Gail arranged a tour of the capital with
her Texas Congressman's office.
I highly recommend doing this
as we were able to bypass
all of the LONG lines.
Each state has two statues
in the capitol.
Of course, we had to take a picture
of Texas' Sam Houston.

California has a statue of Ronald Reagan
with pieces of the Berlin Wall
on the base.

One of David's favorite spots
was the National Botanical Garden.
I will do an entire post on that
beautiful place.

We spend LOTS & LOTS & LOTS
of time on the subway.
If you look closely, you can see
me, David, Randy, Kim and Gail in
this photo.

The Washington monument was covered with
scaffolding because of damage during the 2009

One of the newest memorials is the
WWII Memorial.
It was amazing, especially because
we were there when a group of
veterans from Alaska were touring.

Each star represented 100 men
or women who gave their lives
for OUR freedom.
Very sobering.

of walking.

The Lincoln Memorial is one of
my favorites.  I have always
admired this man and what he
did for our country and for
his strong faith in God.

The Korean War Memorial is unique, original,
and awe inspiring.  

Another shot of the Capitol.

Ceiling in the Capitol.

The "guys"!
I love these men.
They are not only
my husband, my brothers,
and my brother-in-law, but
great examples of
what husbands and
fathers should be.

A cute subway picture of Kim and Randy
with Aunt Terry in the background.

The siblings at Mount Vernon,
which was a fascinating place.
I have been blessed my entire
life to have these folks
as family.

It was just a little chilly by the Potomac.

George Washington's tomb.

One of the highlights of the trip for me
was worshipping together
at the National Cathedral.

It was a wonderful trip filled
with great memories.
Can't wait to do it again!

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

Must have been such great fun to hang out with the people you love and see so many amazing things!!!!