Monday, September 23, 2013

Family Reunion Second Cousins

One of the things I was most looking forward
to at the Family Reunion was
watching the Second Cousins Play Together.
Getting Ready for the Second Cousins to arrive.
Requisite Silly Photo
The second cousins being silly with the older cousins
and their Great Uncle too.
Caleb took every opportunity to
hang out with the VanLoenen Second cousins.
I think the sun was in their eyes
at the Olympic Training Center.
These first cousins are definitely BFF's.
Popcicles were good on a warm day.
Caleb enjoyed being with Sarah and Caitlin.

A game of parachute.
The instructor didn't know what she
was getting herself into.
Another popcicle photo.
I think this might have been at the
Drum Activity.
Eating in the fort
at Nana and Ducca's house.
Ducca had buried some treasure for them to find.
Nathan was successful.

Aunt Stacie found one!
This is the artwork that these
two sweet boys made for me.
My deck bears witness that all 7
Second Cousins were together.
Cora and Graham will be in more
pictures at the next Family Reunion
when they can hold their own
with the big boys.

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Anonymous said...

I bet ya'll will still be finding the buried treasures for years to come.~dprice