Saturday, September 7, 2013

Afternoon Hike--Fox Run Regional Park

David and I are trying to do more
walking for a couple of reasons.
First, I am trying to lose weight.
(It's out there now,
so no turning back!)
Secondly, we are going to 
Washington, D.C. this October
 with my siblings and spouses
so we want to be ready
for lots and lots and lots of walking.
Fox Run Regional Park
was our destination today.
Not a bad spot for a hike, I'd say!
Love the way the trees
reflected in the water.
A different shot
Don't the black markings
at the bottom of this tree look
like a lopsided heart?
You cannot see the sign too well, but
it was about lightning strikes on trees.
See the tree in the background.
If you know David well, I bet
you can guess what kind of t-shirt
he is wearing.
I wonder if some type
of animal lives
in the hole in the bottom of
this tree stump.
There are still a few
wildflowers blooming.

The fall berries are
beginning to appear as well.
The sun shining through
the trees was beautiful.

Thanks for going on our
hike with us.

1 comment:

Miss G said...

It is so much more green than the two times I've been there. Beautiful! I must have gotten my "I wonder if an animal lives in that hole in the tree." from you. :) Wonderful how mothers can influence the imaginations of their kids! Kelly