Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finally Spring!

I haven't been a very good blogger
lately.  I have become enamored with
Instagram and it is so easy
to post pictures that I often
post things there rather than blogging.
(If you are on Instagram, my
username is karenavengibson).

But today, as I gazed out my
back window, I got excited about spring 
and decided to blog.
I spent the week last week
in Houston, Texas where the
flowers were BEAUTIFUL.
When I left Colorado Springs, a few things
were blooming, but not much.
When I got home, Spring had Sprung.
This is a snowball bush
that we planted last year.
I had never seen this bush
before we moved here.
I have seen huge ones with
flowers that look just like snowballs.
Mine is still a baby bush.
Purple ground cover.
I love the way it grows amongst the rocks.
This picture and the next are supposedly
the same bush.  Maybe just a
different variety???
I love purple, so these blooms
make my day.

Views from the deck.
Happy Spring, everyone.
I no longer have to be jealous of
my southern friends.  

1 comment:

Cindy Shannon said...

Beautiful pictures! I love purple blooms too!