Monday, February 11, 2013

Homemade Muffaletta Sandwich

I LOVE Muffaletta sandwiches!
My mom grew up in New Orleans 
which probably influences my tastes.

According to Wikapedia 
The muffuletta sandwich has its origins at the Central Grocery in the French Quarter of New Orleans.[4]
According to Marie Lupo Tusa, daughter of the Central Grocery's founder, it was born when Sicilian farmers selling their produce at the nearby Farmers' Market would come into her father's grocery for lunch and order some salami, ham, cheese, olive salad, and either long braided Italian bread or a round muffuletta loaf. In typical Sicilian fashion they ate everything separately sitting on crates or barrels while precariously balancing their meals on their knees. Her father suggested cutting the bread and putting everything on it like a sandwich, even if it was not typical Sicilian fashion. The thicker braided Italian bread proved too hard to bite and the softer round muffuletta loaf won out. Shortly, farmers came to merely ask for a "muffuletta" for their lunch.[5]

For ages, I have searched for the olive
mixture that makes the sandwich
unique so that I can make Muffalettas at home.
I finally found it!!

Go King Soupers!
For my Texas friends, that's 
Go Kroger.


Miss G said...

That's really neat! Fun! Enjoy! Oh and they sell some good salami at costco if you'd like us to pick some up for you sometime. Kel

Anonymous said...

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