Monday, December 26, 2011

A Visit to Harding

Last weekend, David and I made a trip to
Searcy, Arkansas for my nephew, Ryan's,
wedding to Caitlin. It was a wonderful
weekend because we got to see so
many family members, but
it was also lots of fun to walk down
memory lane. David and I met at Harding
in our freshman year, 1970.
BEWARE: This post has LOTS of pictures.
David in front of the Administration Building.
The Ganus Student Center. This
was the meeting place when we were students.
David also helped build the Radio Station
in the basement of this building.
Patti Cobb Dorm where I lived as a freshman.
Kendall Hall--my sophomore home.
Cone Chapel is where the wedding took
place. As you can see out the wall of windows
the campus is beautifully lit for the holiday season.
Lights over the Harding University arch.
More lights.
The lily pond.
My mom also attended Harding.
Doesn't she look young enough to still
be a student?
The famous Harding swing.
Mom, me, Gail, Terry.
Sweetie in a swing.
We were missing some of the "girls"
who were busy getting ready for the wedding.
Jon, Terry and Gail's son, is also
a Harding alumnus.
As you can tell by the multitude of pictures,
Harding is one of my favorite places on the
planet. I once went to an education
convention in Little Rock and took
one of my colleagues to visit the
campus. As we were walking
around the campus, I took a big whiff,
and said to my friend, I just love this
place. It even smells great!
To which she replied, It smells
like french fries to me. (We were
strolling by the cafeteria.) I guess
beauty, and fond smells, are in the eyes,
(and noses) of the beholder.


A Tale of Two Cities said...

My room in Patti Cobb used to be over the kitchen window, so the smell of green beans is what I associate with my freshman year!

Miss G said...

Fun! I love this place too! Kelly

Kori said...

I wish I had gotten to see y'all! But we were quite busy with holidays. Glad y'all had fun! Cool fact about the radio station - I never knew that!
Yes. We love it here too.