Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to My House?

All five of my mom's great grandsons
will be in Colorado Springs next
week to play in the newly created
"grandchildren room".

We had an unfinished room in our basement
and were just in the middle of having it finished
when Kelly, Adrian and David moved
in while waiting for their house to close.
Big David has just finished the painting
getting it ready for the family reunion.
This green background is the green magnetic
chalkboard closet door. There are 2 of them.

I'll post more pics when it is completely finished.
Right now, we just had to rush and get
things situated so that it is functional.

I have a feeling lots of happy times are going to
be had in that room.


Miss G said...

so fun!

Deborah said...

I love that you have a grandchildren's room!

I think it is also really special that all of the great-grands have Bible names...I'm kinda partial to Bible names myself.

Praying for a blessed time with family.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I'm thinking there is a whole lot of fun going down at your place in the upcoming days. Treasure each moment and enjoy the laughs.