Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally Fall!

It is finally Fall here in Colorado Springs.
The locals say that autumn is making a late arrival, but I have
thoroughly enjoyed the lengthy summer!
I must admit though that when I went out this morning
and it was rainy, and the trees were changing colors,
that autumn sneaked up and charmed me.
These pictures were not taken at the local
Farmer's Market, but from the display
on my coffee table.
Welcome Autumn!
I had an e-mail from a sweet friend the other day questioning
if everything was OK in my family. She said that
I hadn't posted on my blog since the middle of September
and she was worried.
Just in case others have wondered the same thing,
all is well! We are just super busy!
I have been in the Denver airport for the past 3 weekends
and will be there again this weekend flying
to Houston and to Las Angeles.
Busy, busy times but things should calm down
in November just in time for the holidays.
So, please don't give up on checking my blog.
I will return when life gets a little back to normal.



A Tale of Two Cities said...

Glad to hear that all is well with the Gibsons. I knew you were on the move a lot. How was the retreat at Deer Park? Bey they really enjoyed having you. It's fall here in London too, and I'm looking for some colors!


Miss G said...

yea for fall! your display looks fantastic! very realistic! :) love you, Kelly

Deborah said...

I love the autumn "assorted squash" display! So creative.