Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun in the Park

My little guys love parks!
I think it has been passed down to them
from their grandfather through their parents.
David used to delight in finding new parks to take
Kelly and Jeremy to.
I think they have probably experienced almost
every park in the southeast section of Houston.
Now our grandchildren are learning to love parks.
Caleb used to yell out "Pok, P0k" when we passed by the
one close to our home.
This is adorable Aaron on his first slide adventure.
This is delightful David getting his first feel of grass.

There's lots of "fun in the park" in our future.

P.S. I think my children's favorite park was the "crabbing park" off of Nasa Rd. One.
We would take bacon slices and spend the afternoon sitting on the pier fishing for crabs.
We even had at least one birthday party there.
Fun memories!


Miss G said...

Sweet Aaron on that slide! I can't believe he's wearing long sleeves and pants. :) That's Colorado for you I guess. Love seeing that pic of my sweetie boy in the grass. And I do have fond memories of the crabbing park. Kelly

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I've never been to the crabbing park in my whole life---what have I missed????