Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fantastic Garage Sale Finds

Our neighborhood had a community garage sale today.
I had seen the signs and thought I might go out for just
a few minutes on this lovely fall morning just to see what
was out there. I really didn't NEED anything, but isn't
that when you usually find the best buys?
Here are my Fantastic Finds for today!
More "guys" for Caleb and then David and Aaron to play
with at Nana and Ducca's house. You can never have too many guys.
25 cents each!
I don't know the official name of this, but I call it a Johnny Jump Up
toy. It hangs from the door frame for a baby to bounce in.
One of my favorite memories is Caleb jumping in one of these
and laughing, laughing, laughing.
The little guys will enjoy using this when they come to visit.
An oak filing cabinet. I have looked at these new, but just
didn't want to pay as much as the stores wanted.
Garage Sale List Price=$40.00
Bargained Price = $20.00
Old Fashioned Mixer
"It doesn't work," the lady kindly advised me.
Who cares! I want it for decoration.
And finally, the find of the day.
Check out this antique school desk.
I didn't just get one, I got 3.
Can't you just see my 3 grandsons sitting in those desks
playing school? No, you say. Are you like Kelly who said that
we might have to wait for 3 little girls to sit and play school?
Maybe the guys can use them for homework,
or better yet for draping blanketsover and making forts.
The best part of this find was the lady who sold them to me.
She was so excited that they were going to a "good home".
She said that she had bought them years ago on the East Coast
and that all 3 of her daughters and all 6 of her grandchildren
had played on these wonderful desks.
I just love a happy ending.
I know, I know, you are dying to know how much I paid for these, aren't you?
Would you believe $100.00 for all 3. That's a steal, I tell you.


Miss G said...

yea! really wonderful treasures!! Kelly

Deborah said...

I LOVE the desks!! I must say, though, that I agree with Kelly about needing three granddaughters to play school.

However, the forts are a really good alternative for your three boys!!

Rebekka said...

What fun finds!!!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

That was some incredible day to land on such great deals. You have the best of luck!