Friday, April 16, 2010

One AnnMa, One Nana, and One Caleb

I am so lucky to live in the
same city and share my sweet grandson, Caleb,
with his maternal grandmother, AnnMa.
We recently took Caleb on an outing to the zoo,
just the three of us.
Nana and Caleb being silly sticking our tongues out
when we were riding the "Merry Ride" also known
as the Merry Go Round.
One of the neatest exhibits is the bird house.
In this wonderful place, you can mingle with all
types of beautiful birds.
One of the birds landed on AnnMa's shoulder.
Isn't this little fellow beautiful?
Caleb was fascinated when a bird
landed right on his feeding stick.

I look forward to many more adventures with
AnnMa and our grandchildren.

1 comment:

Debi said...

How fun is that! Looks like it's warming up a bit!

Hope you get to go to Dallas soon....