Saturday, July 29, 2017

Yellowstone Animals

The wildlife sightings in Yellowstone were amazing. 
Of course, our bear sighting was the most exciting. 
It fulfilled one of my LIFE LIST goals. 
My sweet husband was prepared to drive out of our way to BEAR WORLD in Idaho if we hadn't seen one in Yellowstone. 

We saw hundreds of Bison in a trip we took to Lamar Valley. 
Our craziest wildlife encounter came one evening when we were driving after dark. A bison ran, yes they can run, within inches of our front bumper. 

It's crazy how the animals think they own the highways. And I guess they do. 

Not pictured is a wolf we saw running along the highway as we were driving. We were glad we had the windows rolled up. 

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Miss G said...

the last two pictures are my favorites!!! Kel