Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas ABC's 2016

I'm a little late in getting
our 2016 Christmas ABC's
done, so I have randomly picked
some of the pictures that I like the most
and we'll see how creative I can be in 
assigning letters to them.

A is for Alaska.
We enjoyed the trip of a lifetime
in July and had more fun
than we even imagined.

Both David and I agreed that this
was the highlight of 2016.

The Deadliest Catch excursion was one of our
favorite parts of the trip.  

The summer Days that I spent with this
crew filled my heart with joy.

Every time I went to Houston,
there was some new Exciting Event.
This Experience was getting to
visit my niece, Stacie's school where
she had just been named principal.
We also had two weddings and 
other fun memories.  

We had lots of Fun decorating cookies
on the deck.

This is the Gang playing sack races
at our end of summer Carnival put on
by the Rollett family.

How can you not know there is a wonderful
God when surrounded by the
beauty of autumn?

Imagine the fun we had when our kids' Aunts visited.

Just when we thought we had all the snow we
needed, we got more.  This was just in time
for my brother, Terry's Retirement Party which
lasted 3 days.  

Keeping up with this crew in the Garden of the God's 
was lots of fun.

Leave it to us to find as many
forms of transportation as possible when we
get together.

Many times, the simplest pleasures
are sitting on the couch and reading
a great book.

There is Nothing better than a surprise
visit from a niece.  
And to top that off, the
same niece became Doctor Aven
this year.

These two visitors (Larraine and Barbie) went Over the top
on Balanced Rock in Garden of the Gods.
Lea and I stayed on solid ground.

No we have not all shrunk.
This is a Plus sized chair.

These three pictures capture the awesome Quiet in
Glacier Bay, Alaska.  
When I was to relax, all I have to do is go
back here in my imagination.

The Raging waters of a beautiful waterfall
by Mendenhall Glacier.

This Ship was our home away from home for several days.
We can certainly tell you all about the eating places on board.

When you see hot air balloons,
you know it is Time for the Colorado Springs
Balloon Classic, one of my favorite
events of the year.
A very Unusual sign for this landlocked girl.

We were Very blessed to have David's mom
and niece, Courtney come and visit
us this year.

What fun to be with Cora when
she picked out her very first
American Girl doll.
She fell in love with this
baby the minute she saw her.

It's always  eXciting to
be reunited with "old" friends.

Yes, these two are big buddies.

Zippety Do Dah!
We can still hold on to
summer even after school
has started.

And a few more random shots
that I will add letters to.

Crazy "new" friends on
a ministry adventure together.
More details in 2017.

My mom is doing great and looking
muchYounger than her ????? years.  

Kangaroo sighting in Houston.

I have caught the Gardening bug.  

How can we not be Happy when we
see this smile?

We have loved all the Christmas
cards from near and far this year.

As 2016 comes to an end and we welcome 2017,
we wish you all a most blessed year.
As with every year, there will
be high points and low points,
but God will be with us through them all.

David and Karen


A Tale of Two Cities said...

A year full of joy, full of fun and family. Can't beat that! Hope 2017 has some great things in store for you!


Stacee H. said...

I love this every year and we love you guys! Merry Christmas and may you enjoy counting many more blessings throughout 2017!

Miss G said...

What a great letter! I can't believe how little Cora looks in her Harding shirt on the couch with Ducca! I am soo glad you guys finally got to visit one of our favorite states and that you had such a great time! love you! Kel

Lynn Leaming said...

It's a good thing you take lots of pictures :-) I am always impressed with your creativity in assigning captions through A-Z to them!

Donna Wallis said...

Great letter and pictures. Love you guys!