Friday, September 11, 2015

Just Another Day at Nana School

Cora loves to fold
laundry--and who am I
to deprive her?
My favorite part is how she narrates what
she is doing.  "Now do this, then..."
So proud of herself.

Nana found her a new
jean vest.
This was the 2 seconds
she wore it.
Like her mama before her,
she has her own ideas about
Snack time is serious business.  
She loves doing art.

Those hands!
She got the hang of stickers
very quickly.
But swinging is probably
her favorite thing.
One of her cousins
thought of this chair
contraption for her.
And on the tire swing
she just kept laughing
and saying "Faster, Faster!"
I'm not sure who enjoys
Nana School the most--
Nana or Cora.

1 comment:

Miss G said...

Such a fun day! Thank you so much, Nana!!! Kelly