Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nana School for Cora

The Preschools that Kelly tried
to get Cora into for this fall
were not available, so she asked
me if I would be willing to
have a "Nana School"
for Cora one day a week?
Now, really, who can resist that?
Today was our first day.
We colored pictures.
We played outside.
Isn't her school dress pretty?
She was such a big girl and loved every minute
of the day, as did her teacher.
We did some swinging.
What a happy girl!
She picked up jewels.
She played with the same Fisher Price
little people her mama and uncle played with.
She ate lunch.
She had "Computer Class" and
practiced an educational game.
What a joy this little girl was to her Nana and Ducca.
Yes, Ducca was also a part of the day.
At one point something wasn't working
and Cora said, "Ducca will fix it for me."

And some of you are asking if it was
Nana School, what Standards did we address?

Standard 1:  Giggling
Standard 2:  Playing
Standard 3:  Loving
Standard 4:  Lots and
Lots of Hand Holding

Exceeds Expectations!!!


Trish said...

Wonderful opportunity that can never be replaced in your heart and her mind.

Kelly Rollett said...

yay!!! Thank you so much! This is such a special time!! I appreciate you so much! love, your daughter

BR said...

What a dear girl, nana & blogpost!