Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ducca and His Grandsons--In-and-Out Burger T-Shirts

David, aka Ducca, has quite
a collection of In-and-Out Burger
T-Shirts.  In fact, I went to his closet to count
and he has 18 hanging in the closet
and 2 still in their cellophane wrapping
just in case a new one is required for a
"dress-up" event. 

In case you are wondering why
those numbers are in small font,
it is because I got permission to
share this information only if
I put it in small print.

Since Caleb, Aaron, and David so often
see Ducca wearing his In-and-Out shirts,
we thought it would be fun to get them
matching ones for Christmas.
Great photos on the backs of these shirts
Great guys in the shirts
These pictures definitely highlight
each boy's personality.
Aaron is not real fond of having his picture taken.  
Can you tell that David enjoys imitating his
big cousin Caleb?  He informed me that they
had made the "peace sign".  
Crazy faces
Front and back view.
Caleb loves to put his arm around Ducca.  
One more view of the peace signs.  

Cute boys--great Ducca!!!!  


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Seriously SO cute! You got some great photos! Kelly