Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Torchon--A Precious Gift

I received a group e-mail from
my brother Lynn recently.
He also sent the e-mail to my mother,
my brother Terry, and my sister Kim
telling us to watch for a gift he had mailed
to each of us.

This is the gift that
we each received.
Lynn explained that he had seen
these dishtowels 
(he later discovered they
were called Torchons)
 in a Paris
flea market and that
they called out to him.

As many of you know, my sweet father's
initials are BA for Bill Aven, and because
daddy is now in heaven, we don't get
to see these initials as often as
we used to.

Every time I pass this precious
gift in my kitchen, I think
of my wonderful daddy and
look forward to being
greeted by him with a big hug when I
get to heaven one day.

On a side note, Lynn later discovered
that these French dishtowels,
  or Torchons, 
have a very interesting history.
If you want to read more about Torchons,
click here.  


Kim said...

Well said. I smile each time I pass mine!

Miss G said...

Awesome! Kelly