Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY Project--Card Table and Chairs

The card table and chairs that
our grandchildren use had gotten
pretty pathetic.
Not really from hard wear,
but from being out in the
Once a tear starts, little fingers
just cannot help the idea
of helping it along.  
I had heard that you could use
vinyl tablecloths to recover
the table and chairs pretty

I'm happy with the way they
turned out.  Thanks to my
sweet husband who helped with
putting all the screws back
in the correct places.  I
did most of them, but
he had to step in at the end.  


Jenni said...

looks great Karen!

Miss G said...

It looks so fun and happy Nd unique now

Teresa Dodd said...

Looks great Karen! I love when old things are made new and reused!

BR said...

This looks so awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I've been wanting to do this with my card table even though mine are still I'm good shape. Your fabric is oh so cute!!! Where did you find it? Sounds like you used tablecloths. Cora will love it too!!