Monday, April 22, 2013

Date Night

Recently I had a date with one
of my favorite guys--my oldest
grandson, Caleb.

Before I broke my foot, I had bought tickets
for us to go and see
performed by a local Children's Theater Group.

Even though I am somewhat restricted and cannot
drive, we decided to have a date night
anyway.  Ducca served as our chauffeur.

The conversation before we left was priceless,
and is recorded below for posterity.

NANA:  Caleb, do you think it would be OK if I wore bluejeans and a nice shirt?
(It's a little difficult to get my huge air-boot on and off and I was trying to save time.)

CALEB:  Nana, if I am dressing up, you really should too. 
(He had taken special khaki pants to school and changed
before he came to our house so that he could look handsome for our date.)
Not one to argue with good logic, I went and changed into nice pants and a pretty sweater.

NANA:  How does this look Caleb?

CALEB:  No, no!  I'll pick out another shirt.  (He then picked out one of my sparkly sweater jackets to wear over the sweater that I already had on.) By this time, I am trying hard not to laugh.

CALEB:  And, Nana, you need to put on some make-up.

NANA:  I already have make-up on. (Is it too sad that he couldn't tell?)

CALEB: OK, let's find some jewelry.  (He picked out a ring, sparkly earrings, and a pretty necklace).  Satisfied with his efforts, Caleb went to find the chauffeur and I heard from the other room.  "Nana, be sure to put on some

We had a delightful time and enjoyed
seeing Annie from our church perform. 

Caleb was such a gentleman

and took charge of putting
my "scooter" in a safe
place during the performance
and then getting it for me
when the performance was over.

I'm one lucky Nana
(and I looked pretty good too,
thanks to a fashion conscious
little boy).


Matt Elliott said...

He was PRETTY CUTE taking care of you at the show, too. Glad I could lend $2 to make it the perfect date.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Well, you are one lucky Nana to have such a handsome young man to escort you!

Lela Elliott said...

Oh that is the cutest story ever! Thanks a million for coming!