Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Breakfast with Santa

Our church,
Eastside Church of Christ,
hosted a Breakfast with Santa
this year.
We had lots of fun seeing Santa,
eating yummy food,
doing Christmas Crafts, 
and showing off our
Caleb 5 1/2--almost 6
Aaron 2 1/2
Nana and Ducca even got in on the pictures.
These guys look so big.

The only sad part of the day was
that David, our other grandson
was out of town and wasn't
able to attend with us.

One highlight of the day
is not pictured.
It had snowed the night
before the event, so
Ducca "drove like a pirate"
through the empty part of the
church parking lot with the
boys yelling "MORE!"


A Tale of Two Cities said...

Well your guys were a lot more receptive to Santa than mine were. Smiles and everything! That Caleb is growing up too fast--he has sure matured from his preschool days. What a cutie!

Miss G said...

Such great photos! Sorry we missed it! Kelly