Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Decorating 2012

Caleb and David came over and helped me
trim the Christmas tree.  Aaron would
have been here, but he had a previous engagement.
Aren't 2 year olds too young to have
previous engagements?  :) 
Caleb is the perfect size
to crawl under the tree and
lay out the Christmas tree skirt.
He's also old enough that he
is fascinated with each new
ornament that comes out of the box.
He loved this Fisher Price school ornament
that his mom gave me last year.
I enjoyed hearing his ooh's and aah's.
David mostly enjoyed playing with his toys while
Caleb and I worked.
My tree decor is very unique this year.
Lots of ornaments clumped (or should
I say grouped) together
close to the bottom of the tree.
I am OK with that.
We're making memories
not an exquisitely decorated tree.

I pray for you to enjoy
this special time of the year
and that you will not get stressed
out by all that has to be done.
Stop and smell the roses,
or the poinsettias.  

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

Does Caleb hire out? I could sure use some help. Jordan is spending time with her other grandparents this week, so it looks like I'm on my own....