Thursday, March 10, 2011

Family Ties

People often ask me how long I am going
to continue to go back to Houston to teach
at UHCL. After all, they think, I must get
tired of traveling. The pictures below
might help explain one of the reasons
I like to keep my Texas job. It enables
me to visit my Houston family.
The middle child in the picture above is my grandson David.
The other two cuties are my two great nephews
Andrew and Nathan.
Gail (the other grandmother pictured here)
and I raised our children together and now
we get to enjoy each other's grandchildren.
So far, the only grandchildren on my side of the
family are little boys--5 of them.
These three sure had a good time today.

You just gotta love cousin time.

1 comment:

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Yes, friends and family in two places make commuting a treat, not a chore. Hope you'll continue teaching here for many days to come....